Spectra Premium CU1693 vs Denso 221-3220 - Radiator

Name Spectra Premium CU1693 Denso 221-3220

Spectra’s automotive parts have shown immaculate performance over the years. The company specializes in the designing, manufacturing, and distribution of cooling systems and ignitions as well as in fuel delivery and engine management. Spectra is known for both aftermarket and OEM products for most automobiles. Their radiators are considered to be among the best. This crossflow radiator is designed for Chevrolet and GMC cars.


  • Quality precedes its reputation and this is apparent during usage

  • Made with rubber compounds equipped to handle extreme temperatures

  • Offers maximum cooling efficiency

  • The use of aluminum allows for better flow

  • Comes with a two-year warranty

  • OE comparable configuration and appearance



  • Price quoted by auto stores are greater than those on e-commerce sites

Denso is a global manufacturer of automotive parts that is well known for its radiators. Denso 221-3220 is designed for Honda Civic models manufactured between 2001 and 2005.


  • Almost identical to the car’s original radiator

  • Easy installation and so, you could avoid a visit to the mechanic

  • Low priced considering the product quality and you may even find a better offer online

  • Made of plastic that limits the weight to only 12 lbs


  • Doesn’t work for all Honda models